Sippy Cup

The sippy cup rolls on the floor.

I wonder what kind of life you will have?  

Your father with his beard

his bright shirt

his black vest

his bowl haircut

your kerchief

your cherubic cheeks

your family on the train

playing  cards in the club car

drinking sodas

or is it water

i don’t know

but is it


you are one of the only children

who doesn’t squall

on the train

you seem

so happy

your father is doting on you

holding you

singing songs to you

you are stroking his beard

his strange beard

his Amish beard


lightning bolts fingers sizzling static uncontrolled

just try to butter a piece of toast this way

or button your jacket

like you’d chugged a gallon of coffee

with a side of sugar



“oh, geez, I guess I had too much coffee….ha….”

but I had none…

i really had none. 

I have essential tremor

the kate hepburn syndrome

the booze helps 

but it kills your liver

plus they frown on it at work

so what do you do?  

if you work with your hands? 

get fired for drinking?

or get fired because you can’t solder anymore?