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How do I even?

This needs to be put into words.  It is November of 2016.  Donald Trump has been elected to be our next president of the united states of America.  And I am scared to death.  I hope I am wrong.  I fear I am right.  I put this down in case I am right.

It’s 2016.  Right now,  we still have some semblance of civil liberties.  Obama has created a health plan for Americans, but that is now in jeopardy.  The Supreme Court hangs in limbo, there is one vacancy that needs to be filled that the congress is balking on Obama filling.  I hope Obama fills the vacancy and screw the congress.  I believe he has the right.

Dark days are coming.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg, I don’t have much hope that she will outlive a donald trump term.  god bless her soul.  she should have resigned in the middle of obamas term, though.  Dark days.

Saturday Night Live did a satire about him, and he demanded an apology and equal time.  a harbinger?  The loss of first amendment rights?  The beginning of the end?

he wants a wall.

he wants a muslim registry.

he is stacking his cabinet with white supremacists.

he is asking for top security clearance for his children, who will also be running his businesses.  wtf?  loopholes much?

i just want to put this in writing, in case i forget who i am in the future.

i hope to HELL the country doesn’t become dystopian enough that i ever have to remind myself of these things.

i care about Muslims being able to pray.

i care about Jews being able to pray.

i believe Black Lives Matter.

i think a wall along our southern border is WRONG.

i WILL provide a safe space for those who need a refuge.

i sure as fuck hope i’m being melodramatic and this all blows over after four years.



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