25 years younger

My hair is feral.  I’m wearing bright red lipstick.
peaches song on the radio in the car at the stop light, I’m swaying with the music.

(the song was “dumb fuck”)

then i look over.  i see him.  an older guy.  grinning at me.  beaming.

i’m 49 years old.  this has not happened in forever.

he’s in the wrong lane to follow me.

he tries to change lanes to follow me.

i see his blinker come on, but he gets cut off.

i wonder if he will cut through the parking lot to catch up with me.

i get to my house too quickly.

that was fun.  i feel pretty hot.

for an older lady.  not twenty anymore.

this hasn’t happened in a while.

youth is wasted on the young.