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Who I am~I am a progressive feminist activist in Wisconsin.

My life consists of challenge, struggle, fighting, and crusading.  For the past two years I have been a political activist fighting Wisconsin state level government, our governor, Scott Walker, and the rampant corruption.   I spent the entire 2011-2012 winter standing outside collecting signatures on recall petitions.  I cried tears of joy at the news of the delivery of over one million recall signatures.  I volunteered sixteen hour shifts validating signaures before their delivery.

I cried tears of sorrow at our defeat.

My work life also consists of challenge.  I am a female pipefitter, refrigeration specialist.  My day-to-day life consists of challenging stereotypes, that women can’t comprehend mechanical things.  I specialize in cascade refrigeration, which can be pretty technical.

Yet, I will seek to find beauty in this blog.

But you will also get snippets of my feminism and activism.  That’s just how I roll.

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