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I’ve got your back, bro.

I went to court for singing at the state capitol yesterday. There were many of us singers there. We all requested jury trials. Afterwards, (it was noon, of course), I went to the Capitol to join the singalong. It is always outside on Fridays; however, lately other groups have been pulling permits for the timeframe the singers are normally inside. (The singers always go sing outside if another group has a permit to use the Capitol…they’re respectful that way)

So this Friday, even though it was normally an “outside” day, they had been singing outside all week, and there had been no permit pulled by an outside group, so a splinter group of about 30 people went inside to sing.

10 minutes later, the police got out the LRAD and broadcasted their “this is an unlawful event” warning.

I was still outside at this point…I had gone to court, and didn’t realize there was a splinter group inside.

As I was standing outside singing, I saw a man running from inside out to our group, he told us all that there were 30 people inside, and they declared an illegal gathering, and if anybody wanted to go in and support the group so they wouldn’t be able to arrest everybody before the hour was up….well, he sort of left it at that.

I sang another couple songs outside, I didn’t really want to get arrested again…but then I started thinking about those who put it on the line every day…and I went inside.

I was prepared to get arrested again.

It was amazing. There were at least a hundred people inside. People responded to the rally cry and were THERE. We sang at the top of our lungs, and we lasted through another day, another hour, chanting, “we’re still here!”

And, I was not arrested.

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